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the cloaca kiss

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annie katherine
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'pataphysics, anti-capitalism, anti-classism, anti-racism, anti-war, arthurian legend, astronomy, badminton, benthic life, biblical criticism, bicycles, board games, books, botany, brooches, buster keaton, card games, catholicism, cats, coffee, cookie dough, crossword puzzles, d&d, dc comics, debilitating laughter, delicious fruit, detonating the nuclear family, dowdiness as fashion, elephants, emo philips, ethical exhibitionism, existentialism, expatriotism, feminism, freakazoid, fucking the establishment, furtive romances, fyodor dostoevsky, german, gin, glorious sleep, gmail - inbox (1), going into hysterics, greek tragedy, groucho marx, hating the new yorker, hebrew, hermeneutics, ingmar bergman, intp, kids in the hall, latin, leftist politics, legend of zelda, leonard cohen, libraries, living in the past, moral superiority, movies, mst3k, ninteenth-century french symbolists (not!), no attn span, orchestral music, passive bicuriosity, people with no goals, philosophy, phoenix wright, pixie cuts, playing hearts, poetry, pretending i can knit, princess p. toadstool, q, quentin tarantino, quiche, refusing to drive, russian, settlers of catan, sex, shoujo kakumei utena, sleep, social anxiety, socialism, solitude, star trek, strangers with candy, stravinsky, submission, superman, tall boyish boys, the floor is lava, theremin, trivia, ubiquitous fornication, vegetarianism, vertigo comics, wanderlust, wax juice bottle candies, woody allen, yawning tactlessly, yiddish, Винни-Пух, русский язык,

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